Alan Winde is the Western Cape Minister of Economic Opportunities.

“The Western Cape Government believes that economic growth is the foundation of all successful development, that growth is driven primarily by private sector business, and that the role of the state is to create and maintain an enabling environment for business and to provide demand-led, private sector driven support for growth sectors, industries and businesses.

In my role as Minister of Economic Opportunities, my key strategic objective is to fight poverty by creating growth and jobs in the Western Cape across all its economic sectors."

Before Alan Winde began his career in politics, he started and successfully operated 10 businesses.

Whilst running his businesses, he became active in his community. As a respected and trusted member of society, in 1996, he ran as an independent candidate and was successfully elected to the South Cape District Council.

Shortly afterwards, Alan was approached by the leadership of the Democratic Alliance, a party which believes in creating an open, opportunity society for all the people of South Africa, to run for Provincial Parliament in the Western Cape under its banner, a responsibility and challenge which he gladly accepted.

Between 2000 and 2009, Alan served various political roles, including being the Chief Whip of the official opposition, Western Cape Provincial Finance Chairperson and Member of the Executive Committee.

When the Democratic Alliance won the Western Cape Province in 2009, Alan was elected to serve as the Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism. He was appointed to office by Premier Helen Zille on the 8th of May 2009.

In 2014, the Democratic Alliance won the Western Cape Province with an even greater majority, and Minister Winde was selected by Premier Helen Zille to become Minister of Economic Opportunities, in charge of the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Economic Development and Tourism. The above portfolios were joined under one Ministry to increase cohesion and alignment in the economy. He was inaugurated into the role on 26 May 2014.