It’s been over 20 years since South Africa became a democracy. In that time, our wine industry has taken quantum leaps forward. Our vineyards have been replanted, hundreds of small wineries have opened and our exports have grown from less than 30-million litres in 1992 to over 520-million litres in 2013 an increase of 26% on the previous high reached in 2012.

This growth has been driven by an exponential increase in quality, with each year delivering exciting new wineries, more innovative young winemakers, and even better wines.  More than 300 wineries exhibited at the last Cape Wine, held in 2012 with over 2 000 trade and media visitors tasting thousands of wines.

At Cape Wine 2015, we expect the same number of wineries to exhibit offering over 5 000 wines, including garagiste bottlings, volume and value brands, distinctive estate wines and icons in the making. You will have the opportunity to taste newly released wines from the 2015 vintage and to experience how our older vintages are developing, as we look back on the past and into what lies ahead.